Sustainability is where ethical responsibility and innovation meet.

Since 1966, Bottega Veneta products have been made to last across generations, with a no-compromises approach to quality.


From suppliers, manufacturers and products to warehouses, stores and offices, the aim is to work together to surpass sustainability goals.

– Minimise carbon emissions
– Embrace a culture of sustainability
– Preserve our heritage of innovation and craftsmanship



100% traceable leather
90% of leather scraps are recycled


82% organic cotton


0% PVC
17% bio based or recycled plastic
Exponential use of biodegradable polyme


100% certified or recycled


100% Forest Stewardship Council certified paper
100% Global Organic Textile Standard certified flannel
Bio-based and compostable gloss lamination

Kering Group

Bottega Veneta is a brand within the Kering group. In line with the Kering group’s philosophy, Bottega Veneta has clear goals and intentional sustainability practices. The annual sustainability report recaps our commitment to sustainable growth and shares the status of ongoing projects.